Adiabatic speedup or quantum state transfer in a non-Markovian quantum open system


【讲座题目】Adiabatic speedup or quantum state transfer in a non-Markovian quantum open system

【讲座时间】2020年9月10日(星期四) 14:30

【讲座地点】腾讯会议 966 276 442

】王兆明  中国海洋大学教授


王兆明,北京理工大学与美国南伊利诺伊大学联合培养博士(2009);中国海洋大学教授(2016),博导(2017),现任物理系副主任。美国斯蒂文斯理工学院 (2017-2018)、新加坡国立大学(2014)、西班牙巴斯克大学(2012,2016)访问学者。 npj Quantum Information、PRL、PRA、SR、JPB、PLA、EPJD 等学术期刊审稿人。长期从事固态量子信息的基础理论研究,特别是基于自旋系统的量子通信、绝热量子计算、以及开放系统的动力学演化等方向的研究。首次研究了自旋系统中的双向量子通信,并发现了一类可以实现高质量通信的编码态。与合作者首次提出了零能量改变的脉冲控制,并用来实现了有效的绝热过程的加速。在 Phys. Rev. Lett.等学术期刊发表 SCI 论文 50 余篇。研究成果获山东省高等学校优秀科研成果奖。承担国家自然科学基金,山东省自然科学基金等科研项目多项。


Adiabatic quantum computation requires keeping a system in a particular eigenstate. However, unwanted transitions can occur due to the interaction of the system with a noisy environment. The adiabatic evolution of the system will then be ruined. Here we present an effective control scheme to allow for a speedup of the adiabatic process by using a sequence of pulses on the system. By carefully choosing the pulse intensity and duration, an accelerated adiabatic path can be obtained for both a weak-coupling and a strong non-Markovian environment. In the second part, we report the feasibility of using an effective pulse control methods to realize an almost exact state transmission through a uniform chain where the communication channel is immersed in a quantum environment. The results show that the memory effects of the environment can support an effective transmission control that can be boosted under a non-Markovian environment.